Publik Draft House one of the best beer bars in Atlanta

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“Once there was a time when Atlanta’s definition of a great beer bar meant any place that would start pouring Michelob at exactly 12:30pm on Sunday, which happened to be when you realized you had so many Michelobs the previous Saturday night that you forgot it wasn’t 2012 yet and Sunday sales were still non-existent. Thank God for those places that held us down until we started getting better options, which are now here, and listed for you below… in case you’re still drinking too much Michelob to find them.” – Trillest

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Good Day Atlanta Spotlight

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Publik Draft House prepares for the Golden Onion Competition by showing of our skills in the kitchen.

Each spring, food lovers across the nation anticipate the harvest of Georgia’s Official State Vegetable, the  famous Vidalia Onion. The Vidalia community celebrates the occasion with a four-day festival that’s packed with fun-filled activities that offer something for everyone. The Vidalia Onion Festival has been featured on The Food Network and recognized as one of the Five Don’t-Miss Festivals Across the U.S. by MSNBC.